Safety measures for patient after the FUE surgery
   Necessary steps taken after FUE surgery are as follows:
Normal saline in the implanted area 2 hour for first 5 days to prevent drying of the graft area.
It is recommended that the patient (if he is in-station) should turn up the next day for review of the donor area, cleaning of the area and fresh bandage if required. The dressing on the forehead is usually removed. If he cannot turn up, he can remove the bandage on his own also.
Small crusts start appearing in the donor area. There is nothing to worry about as the scabs start falling and the hair start growing in the donor area again.
Just like any other Hair Transplant, swelling may appear on the forehead 24 hours after FUE surgery. If it does come, then it increases for about the 3 days,comes around the eyes and cheeks and takes about a week to settle down. This is totally physiological, there is nothing to worry about it as it occurs because of the gravity and settles on its own without any further medication. During that time you can wear sunglasses and a baseball cap.
Clean your hair with a mild shampoo 5 days after the implantation without rubbing them and then subsequently after 10 days by gently rinsing them.
There might be some redness in the implanted area in the post-op period but this is again part of the natural healing phase.
Avoid direct exposure to sunlight for about 3 weeks.
Avoid the following strenuous activities for 3 weeks after FUE hair transplant: Body building, soccer, swimming.