Why Bhushan Clinic?
 Why to choose FUE with us?
The hair plantation here is done under local anesthesia; the patient remains conscious and can watch television channel on T.V. inside the O.T. in BhushanHairTransplant Center during the period of surgical procedure of hair transplantation.

Hair transplant by FUE is done in sessions.
In one session patient can have 2-3 sittings in which he can get about 2000-3000 follicular grafts combined from scalp and body and even more if the patient desire so. FUE is today's most advance technique of hair transplant, which gives permanent and natural appearance to the person who undergoes hair transplant here from India as well as abroad. A person after transplantation can go back to his work within 24 hours and later on use any kind of shampoo & oil. Next session transplant surgery can be done after a period of 6-8 months.

Advantages of FUE
Stitch less.
No linear visible scars.
Less pain.
No numbness at the site of hair donor.
Less bleeding.

Process of FUE Surgery
We make the patient lie down in left & right lateral position on the operating table. We then take utmost care to give local anesthesia with minimal discomfort in the donor area. The grafts are then extracted from the donor area with the help of 0.8 and 1 mm special titanium tip micro punches. The extraction of follicles is done under magnification. The extracted grafts are then preserved in cool Ringer Lactate solution. Each follicle may be consisting of 1,2,3,4 or rarely even 5 hairs. This is the most time consuming and tedious part of the whole procedure.

The position of the patient is changed to supine position. He can watch a movie or TV depending on his choice. Then the recipient (bald) site is then prepared by giving tumescent local anesthesia. The slits are made with the help of special TLC blades 0.8-1 mm in diameter and the extracted hair follicles are then implanted into this area.

Implantation of the hair follicles is the most skilful and crucial step in FUE. We discuss in detail again the hairline creation as it is the most creative work in this whole procedure and utmost care is taken to ensure a natural look in this area after hair will grow. The hair follicles containing single hair are implanted in the front to give a natural hairline and subsequently followed by units containing 2-3 hairs to give density to the area.

During the procedure we give a tea as well as a lunch break so the patient should not feel tired during the surgery. In fact during the surgery, the patient keeps on chatting and discussing about himself or herself that we become “friends” with them.
After the hair surgery procedure is done, the patient is again shown the transplanted area and a simple dressing in the donor area and front on forehead is given to prevent any swelling. The transplanted area is covered with a loose cap. The patient is discharged to go on his own.