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Vikky from Najaifgadh Delhi
"My experience of hair transplant was very good.The doctor and the attendants were very helpful.I have full confidence in Bhushan Fue Hair transplant Center Bhiwani .
Mr Narender from Bhiwani
Staff was very helpful. They made me very comfortable, I felt at home here. The whole process was very good. They made me count the grafts before they implanted them. I will surely come to Bhushan Fue Hair Transplant again.
Mr Vikram from Ambala
I am very thankful to all the staff and doctors of Bhushan Fue Hair Transplant who have given me a professional treatment in Hair Transplantation. I recommend all the person who are thinking about Hair Transplant to visit Bhushan Fue Hair Transplant to make correct decision for surgery. Everything was explained in details and the price is very reasonable. You can get world class treatment in Bhiwani (Bhushan Fue Hair Transplant) and I am totally satisfied by the treatment given to me. Once again thanks to Dr Ravi Kant Bhushan and rest of the staff members.
Mr Parveen from Meham
It is the first time in my life that I have gone such a long process for hair transplant stitchless surgery. It is a great experience so far the result. I have seen is beyond my expectation. The behavior of doctor was very friendly & understands my position all the time during the surgery. The team (supporting staff) Dr Bhushan had great one. All members have friendly & co-operative behavior. I would like to wish all the best for this clinic & hope they will maintain this standard all the time. Once again thanks a lot for work you all have done.
Mr Sumit from Delhi
I felt like homely atmosphere at Bhushan Fue Hair Transplant . I will definitely recommend this to my friends whosoever asks about hair transplant. Thank you for attending me like member of your family.
Mr Parveen from Narella Delhi
First of all I would like to say doctors her know what they are doing. Clinic is very good. Hospitality is amazing. Staff is well mannered and behaved, Overall with the whole experience am satisfied Many many thanks to the doctor.
Mr VIrender from Noida
I found about Bhushan Fue Hair Transplant from the website search but was quiet impressed after I made my first visit. The doctors and their complete team are amazing. I felt at ease through out the procedure, infact was kept well entertained even during the operation. I would definitely compliment and refer this clinic to other people who need similar procedure. It has been great experience and hopefully the result will be great too
Dr Sumit PGI Rohtak
It was a wonderful experience getting the procedure done .Dr Ravi Kant Bhushan was exceptionally cooperative and discussed all steps in detail. Staff was excellent .I am extremely satisfied with the work done by them . I am thankful to Bhushan Fue Hair Transplant who provided me with service of hair transplant. All the staff was very helpful. I feel relaxed and am also impressed with the surgery. Special thanks to who guided me very well, my best wishes are always with her.
Mr Ashok from Atella
Bhushan Fue Hair Transplant gave very professional service from consultation to surgery.All the aspects were explained in detail and questions were answered. Doctor and other staff members made positive efforts to make me comfortable Initial results of the surgery are very satisfactory, would highly recommend Bhushan Fue Hair Transplant to any body who wish to go for hair Transplant.
Mr Malik from Gurgaon
Bhushan Fue Hair Transplant has experienced surgeons and supportive staff who are well trained ,qualified and experienced in Fue Hair transplantation.This is my second sitting at Bhushanfuehairtransplant center.I had taken 1500 grafts earlier and hairs are coming very good. Today I took 1000 grafts more and I hope this will give me good coverage. Hair transplantation need good planning ,understand what it is and meet people who have undergone it, talk to the doctor also.To get you hair back hair transplant is the only option and FUE technique is the state of the art and the best . Bhushan fue hair transplant is the best in this technique
N Z Amani from U K
Before going for the surgery I had millions of different questions in my mind. All my queries were answered in detail. I am glad by the results I have seen and consider this the best option available for hair transplant. Thanks a lot to every team member
Dr V Gulati from Australia
I had a great experience The results as now appear to be overwhelming .The staff was very helpful. They were ready with the answers to all my queries. You are all doing an excellent job Keep it up. Wish you good luck. My experience of hair transplantation was good. The doctor and the attendants were very helpful..I have full confidence in Dr Ravi Kant Bhushan. I would love to recommend this to other people also.
Shalainder from Delhi
It was a wonderful experience, the staff was very much professional while at the same friendly and cordial enough to help and understand the needs of the patients. I would sincerely recommend this institution to people with any type of hair issues. Thanks once again for a wonderful and memorable experience
Yogesh from Dadri
I am very happy with the procedure overall I was very well looked after as I was provided with meals throughout the day along with me family members. I am extremely satisfied with my hairline and am looking forward to achieving good results.Dr Ravi Kant Bhushan very honest direct with the information they provided me with before and after the surgery as they were very professional. My overall experience was good as this is my second sitting .I am highly satisfied with staff especially doctors
I RAKESH glad to say that my experience with BHUSHAN FUE HAIR TRANSPLANT CENTER was good. Dr RAVI KANT BHUSHAN good professionals. Staff was very cooperative. Thanks al